About Us

We are Mach Robotics. We are uniquely different than our competitors because we are committed to embrace Automated Manufacturing Technologies into our hands. Unlike many of our competitors in Malaysia and South East Asia who primarily focuses on sales by selling expensive machines acquired through trading, we invest thousands of man hours in researching CNC cutting technologies and build the machines ourselves using our in-house techonologies so that our clients can get the best out of a professional yet affordable CNC cutting machine. Discover how we are different from everyone today.

Professional, Affordable, Quality, Commitment

Mach Robotics is founded and managed by Mr. Teh, who is known for his renowned engineering and machine design experience in the late 90's. Mr. Teh has designed over hundred types of machinery, ranging from precision textile print machines, automated infrared dryers to construction machinery and PLC-based automation systems. In the year 2003, Mr. Teh engages in CNC cutting systems under the brand Robotshop CNC.

1980's: Malaysian Industrial Revolution

One of the most popular machines engineered by Mr Teh and team is Asia's first, massive 160 foot long, continuous flatbed textile screen printing machine.

Screen printing is a process of layering multiple colors into a textile or garment using a screen of predefined design. Each screen layering requires up to an accuracy of 10 microns, in order to achieve quality prints.

More than 10 technologies are used in one single machine to ensure high quality prints, without sacrificing production time. The machine is capable of printing more than 100 metres of textile length per hour.

Various technologies are used, such as:
  • Hydraulics Cylinder Controls
  • Pneumatic Cylinder Controls
  • Continuous Conveyor Belt Alignment & Indexing
  • Glue Coating Mechanism
  • Thin Film Belt Flue Coating
  • Textile & Garment Cleaning & Curing
  • Infrared / Gas Heater Drying
  • Servo Motor and Driver Positioning
  • High Speed Inverter Positioning
  • Textile Unwind/Rewind with Edge Control
  • Linear Encoder Measurement
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) Electronics

2000's: Birth of CNC Cutting Technologies

NC (Numerical Control) Technologies are dated back during the early 90's. NC machines are catalysts for the engineering & manufacturing sector. It wasn't economical until the PC (personal computers) market spreads around the world, turning computerized NC (CNC) machines into global interest.

Mr. Teh immediately realizes the important roles of CNC machines in emerging manufacturing industries, and the company sets foot on rigorous research and development of modern CNC technologies. The eldest son, Charles Teh, contributes to CNC development, with core speciality background in software engineering, electrical and electronics, programmable logic controller and motion control systems.

To escalate the development process, the research team constantly works with clients to design the best and affordable CNC machines.

Today: Automation for everyone

Today, we are well equipped with practical CNC technologies and solutions, allowing Mach Robotics to be one of the most competitive CNC OEM manufacturer and supplier in the global market.

A number of technologies we have mastered and acquired are:
  • Advanced CNC Plasma Cutting, Marking & Scribing
  • Advanced CNC Oxyfuel/Flame Cutting
  • CNC Plate Bevel Cutting
  • CNC Plate Drilling, Milling & Boring
  • High Speed Inverter with Spindle Cutting & Drilling
  • Hotwire Styrofoam Cutting
  • CNC Multi-tool Changing
  • CNC Knife Fabric Cutting
  • CNC CO2, Nd-YAG, Fiber Laser Cutting
  • 3D Printing

Future: What's more to come?

Robotics and automation technologies are progressively getting more powerful and advanced. We strongly believe that these technologies are the key to an industry's success.

We have private research labs that allow us to field-test radical inventions and creations before releasing to the market. We are highly focused on the field of robotics motion control, artificial intelligence, computer vision, mobile computing, data science, and industrial product development.

In a nutshell, we strive to improve our technologies, because we believe that one day, Malaysia will be a strong country with powerful technologies that can contribute to man and society.

Our Vision & Mission

Our company vision is to contribute our technolgies to mankind, and accelerate the growth of our country.

In order to acheive our vision, we strive to provide professional and affordable products with quality after sales services to our clients, through constant research and development of new manufacturing technologies.